Forward to Death's Whisper

Forward to Death's Whisper

A testament to the independent spirit! It is a mob story for any age, where heaven and hell meet on the urban battleground. Sure the balance of the human soul is at stake but what of love? It is an emotion decreed forbidden for a supernatural death dealer and his human female assassin counterpart. She is Whisper, a woman who could rival the likes of any current action heroin.

I write this foreword not because I've written a great many of them. Or that I can even write. I compose this because I'm a kin to the material of Death's Whisper, that being the supernatural existing in the mundane.

My own story was first birthed in an eight page mini comic. It was my freshman year as a convention creator and I was surprised when people would approach my table to ask what it took for me to get into "the business". I scoffed with a reply something like, look at my little comic what the hell do I know about book making? From next to me came the Jedi like notion, "Don't underestimate the power you have on that side of the table". That was Tim Erickson, Illustrator, Writer, Publisher and Sage, quoting from Empire, the second episode of the holy trilogy.

It's all true! That experience is a reminder to me of the determination and effort it takes to get that spot behind the table. It's not the table itself so much as the product the individual is willing to expose to the world. It is a part of them, and I found sharing a table with Tim, as much as with my family, to be a profound inspiration.

When you read this book understand that a man had an idea, and from that idea and a lot of hard work spawned a story. From that story emerged three graphic novels, another on the way, t-shirts, hooded sweaters, drinking mugs, shot glasses, lighters, buttons, pins, posters and god knows what technology you may be reading this on right now. Many man hours went into what you are going to enjoy and one man put it all together.

The things I like most about the book. In the art is the fine detail you'll discover through-out the landscapes. Tim really has a place in mind when he sticks you above an abandoned building, or the belly of a seedy alleyway. I like the story for its effort to be a bit of everything and make it work. That's very hard to do and most novice writers try it and get it wrong. I know because I am one. It tends to get too convoluted and never ties itself up to satisfaction. This story stays unknotted and on track, but still gives you the ending wanting for more.

This isn't an homage page, I'm not getting paid to say nice this about Tim. In fact contact me and I'll tell you what I don't like about his book (it'll drive him crazy) - I know it would drive me crazy. That's my elbow nudge for this foreword.

Crack the spine on this story about the angel of death's first love, and let the scythe sing through the air. Let it split you for a time from reality and into a fantastic tale where fallen angels will literally amass like an army against our protagonists.

I'm honored to have the chance to write this foreword for Tim and for everyone who will enjoy his works.

A glass of the thickest, highest grog up in the air to you friend,

J.J. Kocholek