Viking Longship Assembly

Viking Longship Assembly

Instructions are provided with the model but here are some tips and tricks to help with the more difficult areas of this model.

These types of clips can be easily found and can help out tremendously if using a longer drying glue.

Assemble the spine and ribs of the longship.


Use a dental tool or pick to remove any remaining wood "flash" from the head and tail details.

Glue the detail pieces of the head and the tail on before attaching the strakes to the ship as the strakes need to fit into the notch between the main and detailed pieces.

You may find it helpful to wet the strakes.


Then twist the strakes, gently.  The water will help the wood bend farther before breaking.

The strakes do not have to be twisted very far but you do need to hold them twisted for a time.

They will then dry and hold their newly bent shape.

It works well to allow them to dry before attempting to glue them to the other parts of the ship.

!  It is not necessary to wet the strakes, only if you want to do so.  Do not try to bend the stakes dry as they are much more likely to break.  Some additional strakes are provided in the kit but I still recommend caution while working with them.

Begin attaching the strakes to the ribs and into the notch between the detail parts and the main parts of the head and tail.

Press the front of the strake firmly into the notch of the tail and head.  Take care to press the strakes carefully one into the other as if they are assembled poorly they will affect the positioning of the other strakes.

As is noted in the instructions the strakes are numbered, marked with 1 to 6 etch marks, one being the lowest strake and six being the highest up the sides of the ship. You will note that strakes two, three, and six being the longest.

After both sides of the fore and aft strakes have dried begin assembly of the side strakes.

Note that there are only five strakes on the side strakes with five being the uppermost.

The deck sets into place.

Also be careful while glueing the strakes in place that if you have to much glue spill over on the inside the decking may not fit easily.

I recommend coating the inside of the strakes with glue firmly to one another and the ribs to give your longship additional strength for those long sea voyages.