Samurai Dice Ishida

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The mon (family crest) of Ishida Mutsunari primarily known for being the leader of the opposition to Tokugawa Ieyasu during and leading up to the Sekigahara campaign.  Ishida's rise began with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and was known for his skills in administration and finance, it is said that he was liked by Hideyoshi and impressed him with his knowledge of the Tea Ceremony, Mutsunari was also a military commander and made daimyo by Hideyoshi.  He was known to use "other means" to obtain information or to cause rifts between other families and alliances.  Mutsunari had a knack for impressing or insulting people and unfortunately for Ishida it seems he did not always know or perhaps care when he was doing one or the other.  Tokugawa defeated Ishida Mutsunari at the battle of Sekigahara and put his head on display in Kyoto.

Almost all mon can be found to be used by many different samurai throughout the centuries.

.5 Inch ash wooden cube with the mon of the Ishida family in place of the 6 on the die.