Fokker D.VII

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The DVII has been recognized by most of the pilots and crews of both sides as one of the truly great aircraft of The Great War, the much respected DVII continued to serve well into the 1920´s and fought during The Russian Civil War alongside many of its old comrades and foes. The Fokker DVII was also such an excellent machine that from the time of the Armistice the allied powers forbade Germany from possessing any of these deadly machines. The DVII was tough, fast, maneuverable, and easy to fly. She had an incredible rate of climb and the wing design was such that the DVII could slow down to such a low speed as to almost hang in the air without stalling.

1 model aircraft made from 1/16 inch Ash wood, included 1 flight stand made of 1/8 inch Birch plywood and two magnets.

Some assembly required.