Polikarpov I-15

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As soon as it entered service in 1934 the I-15 was recognized as on of the best biplane fighters of the 1930´s. Over 800 of these robust little fighters were sent to fly with the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War, where they earned the nickname of Chato (flat nose). Many I-15s flew combat missions in China against the Japanese. Several captured I-15s were flown by the Finns against their previous owners in The Winter War. The I-15 could outmaneuver most fighters but was hopelessly outmatched by the time the Germans invaded Russia in 1941, with no fewer than 2,200 of these small biplanes being lost in Operation Barbarossa.

1 model aircraft made from 1/16 inch Ash wood, included 1 flight stand made of 1/8 inch Birch plywood and two magnets.

Some assembly required.