Polikarpov I-16

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First appearing in 1933 the Polikarpov I-16 was far ahead of any other fighter in the world, with outstanding maneuverability, firepower and rate of climb.  Almost 500 of these little monoplanes were put into service with the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War.  The opposition called the I-16 the Rata (Rat) while a friendly term for them was Mosca (Fly).  The Japanese also being surprised by the I-16 as China had purchased several of them from Russia.  One of the more interesting uses of this rugged little fighter came in the form of ramming attacks, many I-16s and their pilots survived after successfully ramming enemy aircraft.

1 model aircraft made from 1/16 inch Ash wood, included 1 flight stand made of 1/8 inch Birch plywood and two magnets.

Some assembly required.

Polikarpov I-16

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