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Entering service in 1917 the Spad XIII was a direct descendant of the Spad VII. Designed by the Societe Pour L'Aviation et ses Derives (SPAD) the Spad XIII was one of the finest flying machines of The Great War, fast and agile the Spad XIII engine was powerful enough to allow the mounting of two synchronized machine guns firing through the propeller without any loss in performance, unlike many of her predecessors that only had one synchronized forward firing gun. The Spad continued to fight on after the war against and alongside some of her old foes, the Fokker DVII and the Albatros during the Russian Civil War. 1 model aircraft made from 1/16 inch Ash wood, included 1 flight stand made of 1/8 inch Birch plywood and two magnets. Some assembly required. SPAD S.XIII (Wikipedia)