Samurai Dice Katsuyori

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The mon (family crest) of Takeda Katsuyori the son of Takeda Shingen who became head of the Kai Takeda clan upon Shingen's death.  Katsuyori is probably best known for his loss to Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu at the battle of Nagashino,  after that battle Katsuyori and the Takeda clan survived for only eight years.  Undoubtedly mistakes were made by Katsuyori but it must be remembered that he was an excellent field commander and won many battles under his legendary father and on his own.

Almost all mon can be found to be used by many different samurai throughout the centuries.

.5 Inch ash wooden cube with the mon of the Katsuyori family in place of the 6 on the die.