Samurai Dice Taira/Ikeda

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The mon (family crest) of the Taira and Ikeda clans.  The Taira are probably best remembered for their role in early samurai history and their defeat by the Minamoto during the Genpei Wars.  The Taira were a great if somewhat aristocratic clan generally having more diplomatic and court influence than warrior skills.  The Taira did have some outstanding military commanders however such as Taira Tomomori (1152-1185) who won many victories against the Minamoto and other enemies until he committed seppuku at the great sea battle of Dan-no-Ura in 1185.  The Ikeda clan was in power during the Sengoku period led by Ikeda Nobuteru who fought his first battle at the age of fourteen.  Nobuteru served Oda Nobunaga and then Toyotomi Hideyoshi.  Nobuteru was present at the defeat of Imagawa Yoshimoto by Oda Nobunaga and fought against the Azai and Asakura clans alongside Nobunaga, he commanded a unit at Nagashino and was involved in the fighting against the renown Shibata Katsuie.  Ikeda Nobuteru finally met his end at Nagakute by Tokugawa Ieyasu.  Toyotomi Hideyoshi was said to have wept at Nobuteru's death.

Almost all mon can be found to be used by many different samurai throughout the centuries.

.5 Inch ash wooden cube with the mon of the Taira/Ikeda family in place of the 6 on the die.